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From:Marc Alff Date:June 15 2010 7:06pm
Subject:bzr commit into mysql-next-mr-bugfixing branch (marc.alff:3245) Bug#54467
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#At file:///Users/malff/BZR_TREE/mysql-next-mr-bugfixing-54467/ based on revid:alik@stripped

 3245 Marc Alff	2010-06-15
      Bug#54467 performance schema complains of wrong structure in bootstrap mode
      Prior to this fix, the installation script:
      - did print [Note] messages in the server log,
        related to the performance schema.
      - did print [ERROR] messages in the server log,
        complaining about performance schema tables.
        These errors are not justified during bootstrap.
      With this fix:
      - notes are no longer printed,
        this reduces the server verbosity.
      - integrity checks for the performance schema tables
        are not performed when tables are not expected to be there,
        to avoid un justified [ERROR] messages.
      Tested the mysql_install_db script manually:
      Installing MySQL system tables...
      Filling help tables...

=== modified file 'sql/'
--- a/sql/	2010-06-04 20:20:13 +0000
+++ b/sql/	2010-06-15 19:06:04 +0000
@@ -782,7 +782,15 @@ void Buffered_log::print()
     sql_print_warning("Buffered warning: %s\n", m_message.c_ptr_safe());
-    sql_print_information("Buffered information: %s\n", m_message.c_ptr_safe());
+    /*
+      Messages printed as "information" still end up in the mysqld *error* log,
+      but with a [Note] tag instead of an [ERROR] tag.
+      While this is probably fine for a human reading the log,
+      it is upsetting existing automated scripts used to parse logs,
+      because such scripts are likely to not already handle [Note] properly.
+      INFORMATION_LEVEL messages are simply silenced, on purpose,
+      to avoid un needed verbosity.
+    */
@@ -4540,16 +4548,6 @@ int mysqld_main(int argc, char **argv)
                              "Performance schema disabled (reason: init failed).");
-      else
-      {
-        buffered_logs.buffer(INFORMATION_LEVEL,
-                             "Performance schema enabled.");
-      }
-    }
-    else
-    {
-      buffered_logs.buffer(INFORMATION_LEVEL,
-                           "Performance schema disabled (reason: start parameters).");
@@ -4817,7 +4815,14 @@ int mysqld_main(int argc, char **argv)
-  check_performance_schema();
+  /*
+    Do not check the structure of the performance schema tables
+    during bootstrap:
+    - the tables are not supposed to exist yet, bootstrap will create them
+    - a check would print spurious error messages
+  */
+  if (! opt_bootstrap)
+    check_performance_schema();

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bzr commit into mysql-next-mr-bugfixing branch (marc.alff:3245) Bug#54467Marc Alff15 Jun
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