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From:Chad MILLER Date:August 11 2006 1:49pm
Subject:bk commit into 5.1 tree (cmiller:1.2272) BUG#18875
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5.1 repository of cmiller. When cmiller does a push these changes will
be propagated to the main repository and, within 24 hours after the
push, to the public repository.
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ChangeSet@stripped, 2006-08-11 09:49:01-04:00, cmiller@stripped +1 -0
  Bug#18875: Default value of tmp_table_size is meaningless
  It makes no sense to have a default tmp_table_size larger than the 
  max_heap_table_size .  In usage, the tmp is ever limited to the max value, 
  so I lowered the default tmp to the default max value.
  A great idea would be to emit a warning when the tmp_table_size is set to 
  greater than max_heap_table_size .

  sql/, 2006-08-11 09:48:59-04:00, cmiller@stripped +1 -1
    Lowered tmp_table_size default to be the same as max_heap_table_size default.

# This is a BitKeeper patch.  What follows are the unified diffs for the
# set of deltas contained in the patch.  The rest of the patch, the part
# that BitKeeper cares about, is below these diffs.
# User:	cmiller
# Host:
# Root:	/home/cmiller/work/mysql/mysql-5.1-new-maint

--- 1.573/sql/	2006-08-11 09:49:05 -04:00
+++ 1.574/sql/	2006-08-11 09:49:05 -04:00
@@ -6310,7 +6310,7 @@
    "If an in-memory temporary table exceeds this size, MySQL will automatically convert it to an on-disk MyISAM table.",
    (gptr*) &global_system_variables.tmp_table_size,
    (gptr*) &max_system_variables.tmp_table_size, 0, GET_ULONG,
-   REQUIRED_ARG, 32*1024*1024L, 1024, ~0L, 0, 1, 0},
+   REQUIRED_ARG, 16*1024*1024L, 1024, ~0L, 0, 1, 0},  /* See  max_heap_table_size . */
   {"transaction_alloc_block_size", OPT_TRANS_ALLOC_BLOCK_SIZE,
    "Allocation block size for transactions to be stored in binary log",
    (gptr*) &global_system_variables.trans_alloc_block_size,
bk commit into 5.1 tree (cmiller:1.2272) BUG#18875Chad MILLER11 Aug