Threads for Aug 2004

API node crashes after a minutemessagesChad Martin, Mikael Ronström, Magnus Svensson31 Aug
Database Storage Capacity.12 messagesFaraz Khan, Olivier Kaloudoff, Mikael Ronström, Sundeep Narravula, Tomas Ulin, Devananda, Clint Byrum30 Aug
API-Nodes & memory usage on large systemsmessagesMichael Spindler, Mikael Ronström30 Aug
Multiple Management Nodes?messagesWouter de Jong, Luke H. Crouch27 Aug
Questions about fault tolerance.messagesCHRIS), Mikael Ronström26 Aug
Bandwidth, and SCI vs. GigabitmessagesClint Byrum, Martin Skold, Mikael Ronström26 Aug
adding ndb nodes?12 messagesClint Byrum, Luke H. Crouch, Devananda, Tomas Ulin, Mikael Ronström, tulin, Alex Wheeler26 Aug
questions about mysql cluster and it's indended usesmessagesMarshall D. Lewis, Luke H. Crouch, Devananda26 Aug
RE: Cluster installation on Solaris 9messageQi Chen26 Aug
testing the 25 August buildmessagePh.D. Joseph E. Sacco26 Aug
table size, and developed toolsmessageDevananda25 Aug
[Fwd: question about innodb_thread_concurrency]messageDevananda25 Aug
MySQL cluster and remote datacentersmessagesRichard F. Rebel, Brian Moon, Martin Skold, Mikael Ronström, pekka25 Aug
Basic questionsmessagesPaul Gardner, Devananda, Luke H. Crouch25 Aug
Doubts about cluster featuresmessagesRoberto Melo Cavalcante, Luke H. Crouch, Devananda, Mikael Ronström24 Aug
Help me...!messagesGurgen Petrosyan, Luke H. Crouch, Magnus Svensson, Lars Thalmann24 Aug
testing the 23Aug04 buildmessagesPh.D. Joseph E. Sacco, Magnus Svensson23 Aug
DB node problems across two PCsmessagesCraig Steadman, Magnus Svensson23 Aug
Woops...messagePh.D. Joseph E. Sacco19 Aug
Data persistency10 messagesRichard Goh, Mikael Ronström, Devananda, Clint Byrum19 Aug
testing the 18Aug04 buildmessagePh.D. Joseph E. Sacco18 Aug
mysql in Red Hat 9.0 and windows - how to start?messagesRajiv, Arjen Lentz18 Aug
make test failsmessagesRonald Wiplinger, Magnus Svensson18 Aug
Problem with management server communication.messagesCHRIS), Alex Wheeler, Jonas Oreland, Magnus Svensson17 Aug
Running sql-bench: take 2messagePh.D. Joseph E. Sacco17 Aug
I try to install cluster on SuSE 9.0 ==> errormessagesRonald Wiplinger, Martin Skold17 Aug
Running sql-benchmessagesPh.D. Joseph E. Sacco, Magnus Svensson, Mikael Ronström15 Aug
problem Compiling MySQL Cluster source filemessagesGbenga Bello, Magnus Svensson, Ronald Wiplinger14 Aug
testing the 13Aug04 buildmessagesPh.D. Joseph E. Sacco, Martin Skold13 Aug
PerformancemessagesAlex Wheeler, Magnus Svensson, Mikael Ronström13 Aug
errorMessage: No message slogan found (ndbd)messagesAdrian Immler, Jonas Oreland, Pawel Panek13 Aug
Current setbacks and goalsmessagesNick Gerakines, Magnus Svensson, Mikael Ronström12 Aug
testing the 12Aug04 buildmessagePh.D. Joseph E. Sacco12 Aug
full replicationmessagesPaweł Panek, Paweł Panek, Magnus Svensson12 Aug
Cluster installation on Solaris 921 messagesQi Chen, Magnus Svensson, Alexander Haubold, Jonas Oreland, Jonas Oreland, Martin Skold12 Aug
11 Aug 2004, can't restart a nodemessagesDevananda, Jonas Oreland12 Aug
Internal program errormessagesNick Gerakines, Magnus Svensson12 Aug
A bit of helpmessageNick Gerakines12 Aug
NDB Cluster on AMD Opteron machinemessagesAram, Mikael Ronström11 Aug
problems loading datamessagesArne Hueggenberg, Magnus Svensson11 Aug
Building cluster on Redhat 8messagesmoveiteasy, Jonas Oreland11 Aug
Retrieval architecture diagram?messagesClint Byrum, Mikael Ronström, Martin Skold11 Aug
Testing the 10Aug04 build: Waiting for Godot...messagesPh.D. Joseph E. Sacco, Jonas Oreland10 Aug
auto_increment with MySQL Cluster produce weird result in some casemessagesPascal Gauthier, Martin Skold10 Aug
backup errormessagesLuke H. Crouch, Jonas Oreland10 Aug
Compile problems with the 10Aug BK sourcemessagesPh.D. Joseph E. Sacco, Mikael Ronström10 Aug
How to shutdown managament server started with `-d' swicthmessagesSergey S. Kostyliov, Mikael Ronström10 Aug
status of TEXT column support?messagesArne Hueggenberg, Mikael Ronström10 Aug
time frame for 4.1 release?messageJoe Wong10 Aug
MySQL NDB Cluster InstallationmessagesGbenga Bello, Luke H. Crouch9 Aug
cluster recovery scenariomessagesLuke H. Crouch, Magnus Svensson9 Aug
gigabit performance...?messagesLuke H. Crouch, Mikael Ronström, Magnus Svensson6 Aug
Testing the 6Aug04 buildmessagesPh.D. Joseph E. Sacco, Mikael Ronström6 Aug
Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transactionmessagesGowrynath Sivaganeshamoorthy, Mikael Ronström6 Aug
max_rows=4294967295 but "The table 'bench1' is full"messagesGowrynath Sivaganeshamoorthy, Mikael Ronström, Jonas Oreland6 Aug
start backup problem.messagesJoe Wong, Jonas Oreland6 Aug
question about bk pullmessagesTomas Kaminskas, Jonas Oreland6 Aug
Nodes crash on table creationmessagesAlex Wheeler, Mikael Ronström, Alex Wheeler5 Aug
Does backup work?messagesPh.D. Joseph E. Sacco, Mikael Ronström, Jonas Oreland, Jim Hoadley5 Aug
Question about creation of tablemessagesPascal Gauthier, Luke H. Crouch4 Aug
performance questionmessagesLuke H. Crouch, Paul G. Weiss, Paul Weiss, Mikael Ronström4 Aug
problems starting db nodesmessagesTomas Kaminskas, Mikael Ronström, Magnus Svensson4 Aug
2nd ndbd doesnt start.messagesGowrynath Sivaganeshamoorthy, Magnus Svensson, Devananda, Mikael Ronström4 Aug
some confusion about mysql clustermessagesJoe Wong, Mikael Ronström, Magnus Svensson4 Aug
memory requirementsmessagesRichard Goh, Mikael Ronström4 Aug
question on mysql clustermessagesJoe Wong, Mikael Ronström4 Aug
backups?messagesJim Hoadley, Lars Thalmann3 Aug
memory overhead questionmessagesLuke H. Crouch, Mikael Ronström3 Aug
jdbc failovermessageMagnus Svensson3 Aug
Fault ID: 2350 (ndbd: Could not fetch configuration/invalidconfiguration)messageMagnus Svensson3 Aug
Building a cluster with a slow and a fast machine...messagesMagnus Svensson, Ph.D. Joseph E. Sacco3 Aug
testing the 1-Aug buildmessagePh.D. Joseph E. Sacco2 Aug
table full error?messagespekka, Sundeep Narravula, Luke H. Crouch1 Aug
Experimenting with super-smack-1.2messagesPh.D. Joseph E. Sacco, Alex Wheeler1 Aug
source no longer compilesmessageDevananda1 Aug