Threads for Jul 2004

source no longer compilesmessagesDevananda, Martin Skold, pekka30 Jul
Building a cluster with a slow and a fast machine: Redux...messagePh.D. Joseph E. Sacco30 Jul
2 nodes or 4messagesPaul G. Weiss, Mikael Ronström30 Jul
Fault ID: 2350 (ndbd: Could not fetch configuration/invalid configuration)messageGowrynath Sivaganeshamoorthy30 Jul
python and zope supportmessageJoe Wong30 Jul
table full error?13 messagesLuke H. Crouch, Mikael Ronström, pekka29 Jul
Building a cluster with a slow and a fast machine...messagePh.D. Joseph E. Sacco29 Jul
MaxDB and clustermessageMikael Ronström29 Jul
problem deleting records from clustered tablemessagesJustin Swanhart, Mikael Ronström29 Jul
test results: build 1.1933messagesPh.D. Joseph E. Sacco, Magnus Svensson27 Jul
jdbc failovermessageLuke H. Crouch27 Jul
mysqld API overview?11 messagesLuke H. Crouch, Ph.D. Joseph E. Sacco, Magnus Svensson26 Jul
NDB-Cluster with MySQL 5.0.0 and FreeBSD portsmessagesRichard Cooper, Martin Skold23 Jul
mysql cluster with 3 DB nodesmessagesKasthuri Ilankamban, Devananda, Ph.D. Joseph E. Sacco, Mikael Ronström, Jim Hoadley22 Jul
2 server mysql clustermessagesGerard Ceraso, Magnus Svensson22 Jul
Fw: MaxDB and clustermessagejschung21 Jul
unable to start (infinite crash loop) and workaroundmessagesDevananda, Johan Andersson21 Jul
Cluster on Solaris 9/x86 worksmessageAlexander Haubold20 Jul
using a private network for clusteringmessagesLiam Hoekenga20 Jul
Cluster on Solaris 9: Bus Error, Core Dump13 messagesAlexander Haubold, Mark Kim, Magnus Svensson20 Jul
management server can't see database nodes...messageJustin Swanhart20 Jul
NDB directorymessagesBrad C. Sharp, Mikael Ronström20 Jul
API loses data during node restarts14 messagesJim Hoadley, Devananda, Johan Andersson, Justin Swanhart, Mikael Ronström19 Jul
Mysql cluster downloadmessageBrad C. Sharp16 Jul
Scalability benchmarkmessageRichard Pferdner16 Jul
question about disk usagemessagesDevananda, Jonas Oreland16 Jul
End of backup never reported?messageBrancaleoni Matteo14 Jul
mysqltest no longer works...messagesPh.D. Joseph E. Sacco, Michael Dykman14 Jul
Crash during data importmessagesLuca Villani, Michael Dykman14 Jul
Crash during data importmessageLuca Villani14 Jul
grant_cache [ fail ]messageEnric Font14 Jul
157 GB MyISAM DBmessagesThomas Böhme, Richard F. Rebel, Brancaleoni Matteo, Jonas Oreland, Jeremy Zawodny13 Jul
difficulty with indexesmessagesDevananda, Jeremy Zawodny, Jonas Oreland13 Jul
importance of IndexMemorymessageDevananda12 Jul
cluster's config.inimessagesDevananda, Jonas Oreland12 Jul
Memory requirements for cluster (linux) ?messagesThorn Roby, Jonas Oreland10 Jul
testBasic failuremessagesMark Kim, Mikael Ronström9 Jul
node groupsmessagesPh.D. Joseph E. Sacco, Michael Dykman9 Jul
One frontend don't see changes made by another frontendmessagesLuca Villani, Martin Skold, Jim Hoadley, Devananda9 Jul
cluster crashing when trying to load data from filemessagesDevananda, Jonas Oreland, Mikael Ronström8 Jul
Couple of post-install questionsmessagesHyb, Alejandro J .  Ramírez, Mikael Ronström7 Jul
best filesystem for cluster & api memorymessagesMatteo Brancaleoni, Mikael Ronström7 Jul
File Locking and Seg FaultmessageDave Clausen7 Jul
AW: Master-Slave Replication with MySQL ClustermessageArjen Lentz6 Jul
Master-Slave Replication with MySQL ClustermessagesThomas Schwanhäuser, Arjen Lentz, Lars Thalmann5 Jul
Ndg.cfg hintmessageChristian Ermel5 Jul
Configuring SHMmessagesPh.D. Joseph E. Sacco, Mikael Ronström5 Jul
unable to safely stop distributed data nodemessageMichael Dykman4 Jul
unable to safely stop distributed data nodemessageMichael Dykman4 Jul
init_key_cache: Assertion `key_cache_block_size >= 512' failedmessagesDevananda, Martin Skold2 Jul
NDB Cluster on multiple computersmessageJim Hoadley1 Jul
ODBC and MySQL Cluster?messagesAlejandro J .  Ramírez, Mikael Ronström, Johan Andersson1 Jul
Various answers to questions on the listmessageMikael Ronström1 Jul
setting up mysql cluster on smallish machinesmessagesMartin Skold, Javier Ramos1 Jul
segmentation faultmessagesTomas Ulin, Mark Kim, Jonas Oreland1 Jul
ArrayPool.hpp: error: `size' undeclared - fixed !messagesDevananda, Jonas Oreland1 Jul