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From:Tomas Ulin Date:October 29 2004 9:36am
Subject:Re: API Crash, does not reenter cluster without MGM restart
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Russell E Glaue wrote:

> Hello.
> I am testing out the MySQL 4.1.7 with ndbcluster on 4 test machines we 
> had lying around. Pretty stable, but not 100%.
> So I was running the cluster as follows, all computer running Red Hat 
> Linux Enterprise Server 3 with all updates:
> c1 mgm api
> c2 ndb api
> c3 ndb api
> c4 api
> Okay, so computer c4 unexpectidly froze... nice.
> Well I pushed the power button to reboot the system, and had a scan 
> ran on the system disks. The system came up fine and I then went to 
> start the MySQL API node.
> Here is the error message I received:
> 041028 09:40:07  mysqld started
> 041028  9:40:07  InnoDB: Started; log sequence number 0 43728
> Configuration error: Could not alloc node id at port 
> 2200: No free node id found for mysqld(API).
> 041028  9:40:23 [ERROR] Can't init databases
> 041028  9:40:23 [ERROR] Aborting
> I started up the ndb_mgm console on c1 and saw that the node was 
> available. It said "not connected accepting from any host" for the api 
> node. It was available.
> I stoped and started the c4 mysql api several times with no luck.
> I finally went to c1, did a kill {} and then started the mgm 
> node up again. Then I started up the mysql api node on c4.

you may use: echo "1 stop" | ndb_mgm
to stop the ndb_mgmd if it is node 1.

> Finally I saw after that exact moment that the c4 api node was added 
> to the cluster.
> Everything is just fine now.
> Any clues why this occurred?  Is this a  possible bug  ?
Looks like a bug.  Can I ask you to file a bug report at

> -RG

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