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From:Alejandro J. Ramírez Date:July 7 2004 5:06pm
Subject:RE: Couple of post-install questions
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Hi there,

	I understand from the docs, that the mgm node is only needed at
startup for all of the other nodes to get their configuration. You
should be able to kill it, and the cluster should keep working from what
I understand. I am a little bit fuzzy myself about what happens when the
API node dies.


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Asunto: Couple of post-install questions

Hi List,

I've been playing with the lastest source and I'm impressed, but I'm
with a couple of questions;

a) How does the cluster cope if the MGM host (specified in all
Ndb.cfg's) dies or fails to start all together? Will the cluster become
fragmented and stop functioning? I can't see anyway for the DB/API nodes
source from multiple MGM nodes.

b) Is there a plan (and if so a timescale) to implment TEXT/BLOB column
support in the NDB engine? I have an application that heavily relies on
text indexed searches and obviously this currently impossible.


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