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From:Tomas Ulin Date:October 21 2004 10:33pm
Subject:Re: multiple management nodes?
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Steve Reaser wrote:

>> The other question is about HA, as the cluster configuration is two
>> node only, if the node with the management server fails, the other
>> node will still work but it couldnt be restarted. is this right?
> I've been told that nodes can be restarted without the management 
> server. They store their config locally upon first startup.

It is possible to run it almost this way, but it is not the default 
behaviour, and it is not the recommended way.

The management server is default needed for arbitration and should run 
on a different computer from the ndbd nodes.

A mysqld can also function as an arbitrator, in which case it is not so 
sensitive where the management server is running.
see config parameter ArbitrationRank in documentation

> They only need the management server to all get up and running initially.
You normally need it to restart nodes.  If you want a different 
behaviour it's outsite current documentation.

>> Else there is any way to have more than one management node? and how i
>> can tell the ndbd daemon to use both management nodes? If this isnt
>> possible the cluster has only 1 failure point to stop working. There
>> is any solution for this?
> I don't think multiple management nodes is possible, but since it's 
> only needed for initial startup and could be monitored easily it's not 
> really a single point of failure as the rest of the system will work 
> including nodes dropping in and out without it.
multiple mgmt nodes is possible yes.  Some gotha's are there though:

1. You need to make sure they all have the same configuration
2. You must specify nodeid's specifically for them and the other nodes 
and that you don't use the same id's twice

mysqld --ndbcluster 

They will be contacted in order...

> -Steve

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