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From:Jim Hoadley Date:October 21 2004 8:04pm
Subject:node instability
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Hello all --

History: Some nodes in my 4-computer and 2-computer cluster would
only stay up for a day or two. I posted this problem on this list
as thread "nightly crashing" and received helpful suggestions.

Ultimately it was thought there was a memory leak. Mikael and Tomas
said this was fixed in mysql-4.1.6-gamma-nightly-20041001.tar.gz.
I installed this new version, increased memory so both hosts have 1GB
of RAM. Now here's my feedback.

One host (COOLER) has been up for 13 days, since 3:30pm, Friday, 10/08/2004.

The other (TORMAN) died after 1 1/2 days, was restarted, and died again
after 11 days. Both times it was shut down by the arbirator (running on
COOLER) because of missed heartbeats.

I would be happy to post the trace file and all log messages if it would
be helpful, but my general questions are:

Shouldn't I expect my nodes to run for more than a few days before crashing?

Does anyone else have this problem?

Was this "memory leak" actually fixed in mysql-4.1.6-gamma-nightly-20041001?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

-- Jim Hoadley
   Sr Software Eng
   Dealer Fusion, Inc


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