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From:Matteo Brancaleoni Date:July 7 2004 10:09am
Subject:best filesystem for cluster & api memory
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Hi all.

I'm going to test the cluster in a semi-production
environment, since all tests since now are ok.
now I'm wondering...
* what can be the best fs to use?
  ext2? ext3? perhaps with the sync option?
* if the api (ie mysqld) is on another machine,
  not on the storage engine, needs the same
  amount of memory (aka very much) as the db node?
  I think no, but wanna be sure.

Thanks a lot,
Matteo Brancaleoni <mbrancaleoni@stripped>
Espia - Emmegi Srl

best filesystem for cluster & api memoryMatteo Brancaleoni7 Jul
  • Re: best filesystem for cluster & api memoryMikael Ronström7 Jul