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From:Dave Clausen Date:July 7 2004 1:16am
Subject:File Locking and Seg Fault
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I just completed a test installation of MySQL Cluster 4.1.4-beta with a 
2 node setup, and I can create a database on both servers, then create a 
table type NDBCLUSTER and insert several rows in it, check the other 
server, and everything's replicated properly. 

However, now I'm trying to import a small phpBB database for further 
testing, but I'm getting an error 831 File locking issue on the first 
table to be imported when using table type=NDBCLUSTER and redirecting a 
mysqldump text file into mysql.  However, using type=MyISAM works fine.  
I've also tried importing all tables as type MyISAM, then manually 
trying to change the type to NDBCLUSTER afterwards, and still receive 
the same Error 831 on all tables.

Can anyone offer any assistance as to what I'm doing wrong, or perhaps 
any other methods I could try?

Also, at any point when I have more than one ndbd process connected to 
the mgmt server and I issue an ALL STOP within the mgmt server, I get a 
Segmentation Fault after both ndbd processes have shutdown properly.  
Would this be useful to submit?

Dave Clausen
Systems Administrator
Candidhosting, Inc.

File Locking and Seg FaultDave Clausen7 Jul