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From:Arjen Lentz Date:July 6 2004 12:20am
Subject:Re: AW: Master-Slave Replication with MySQL Cluster
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Hi Thomas,

On Tue, 2004-07-06 at 08:38, Thomas Schwanhäuser wrote:
> thanks so far for your answer
> >It may be easier to leave the slaves on TYPE=NDBCLUSTER as well, but
> >have a different cluster setup. At the minimum, each slave could run
> >with only a single database node (i.e. 1 replica).
> That is interesting. I thought that you just can have a maximum of
> four replicas and you're getting into trouble if you can't manage the
> traffic with that 4 nodes. 

There can be more than 4 nodes in the cluster.
Yes the maximum number of replicas is 4, but MySQL Cluster can also
fragment its data across multiple nodes. This means that even the load
of a single query can be spread over multiple nodes, each of which
returning part of the result.

> But do I understand you right that you can in fact establish
> multi-layer Master-Slave set-ups like in "classic" environments, too?

Yes, apart from all the above, the usual replication mechanism of the
MySQL server is still available.

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Re: AW: Master-Slave Replication with MySQL ClusterArjen Lentz6 Jul