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From:Michael Dykman Date:June 18 2004 7:19pm
Subject:build succeeds, tests fail under several current version of RH linux
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Hello all!

	First, I would like to establish something I can't quite find 
confirmation for..  is ndb/clusters only available in the development 
source tree of MySQL 4.1?  I realize no binaries are yet available, 
which is ok with me, but I just downloaded and scanned 
mysql-4.1.2-alpha.tar.gz and there does not seem to be a trace of ndb 
anywhere.  Is there any fixed source tree which includes ndb?  My next 
paragraph deals with a much more general problem, but I am including it 
here to show why I think I need said fixed source tree.

	I have been successfully building from the development source tree 
since Wednesday morning (June 16) using 
BUILD/compile-pentium[-debug]-max on 3 distinct but fairly recent RH 
systems: RedHat 9, Fedora-core-2 and RedHat Enterprise Server 3, and 
getting identical results during the subsequent 'make test'.  On 
Wednesday and Thurday, all three builds were failing during 
'alter_table'.  (I have been updating via 'bk pull' each morning).  As 
of today (June 18), I am getting past 'alter_table' and failing on 
'grant_cache'.  I will be posting this to a more general list shortly 
but the only reason I am messing with the nightly updates is to get 
access to ndb.  I am fairly confident of selling my client on a support 
contract, but I have to show them and running system first.

Ant hints at all would be greatly appreciated.  This is consuming an 
absurd amount of my time.

  - michael dykman
  - michael@stripped

build succeeds, tests fail under several current version of RH linuxMichael Dykman18 Jun