Hi Tim,

sorry for not sending this part to the list:

two examples:


delete from ACCOUNT_UPDATE where ID_ACCOUNT = 123 and CDATE_BOOKED < '2018-03-05 12:19:00.000';
(uses an index on ID_ACCOUNT + CDATE_BOOKED)

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Von: Tom Egan <tomegan@bellsouth.net>
An: Mauritz Sundell <mauritz.sundell@oracle.com>
Kopie: Hendrik Woltersdorf <hendrik.woltersdorf@xcom.de>, cluster@lists.mysql.com
Datum: 05.03.2018 14:11
Betreff: Re: Out of operation records in local data manager far below MaxNoOfConcurrentOperations

Can you share the sql?

Sent from my iPhone

> On Mar 5, 2018, at 4:24 AM, Mauritz Sundell <mauritz.sundell@oracle.com> wrote:
> Hi Hendrik
>> On 2018-03-05 09:03, Hendrik Woltersdorf wrote:
>> Hi,
>> we run a MySQL-Cluster, currently version 7.4.15, where we get "Out of
>> operation records in local data manager" at approximately 55000 rows
>> updated or deleted in one transaction,
>> even though MaxNoOfConcurrentOperations=300000.
>> Any ideas, why 300000 operation records are not enough for 55000 rows?
> Assuming there are no other concurrent transactions, this could be due to extra implied load such as:
> 1) changes to unique indexes, each change takes an operation.
> 2) changes to blob columns, each change column can take one or more operation depending  on size of value.
> 3) foreign keys causing lookups in parent table
> 4) foreign keys cascading into child tables
> Or it could be due to skew load due to:
> 5) Partial primary key used as partitioning key.
> 6) The number of partitions do not match number of LDM-threads.
>     This should typically not happen unless explicitly expressed, or if one have reconfigured cluster with more LDM-threads or adding nodes without runnning reorganize partitions.
> One can also configure the number of operations records in local data manager (LDM) with MaxNoOfLocalOperations.
> By default that is slightly bigger than MaxNoOfConcurrentOperation.
> Mauritz
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