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From:studio Date:December 20 2016 2:48am
Subject:Re: can not insert data in mysql cluster
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Table's engine is NDBCluster storage, So following your advice I increase DataMemory and

The problem is solved now. Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Qian Chen

December 19, 2016 3:54 PM, "Jesper Wisborg Krogh" <mysql@stripped> wrote:

> Hi,
> On 19/12/2016 15:57, studio@stripped wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I met a trouble when inserting data to MySQL cluster.
> Do you mean MySQL Cluster as in or some
> other kind of cluster of MySQL Server?
>> The error is "The table 'admin_log' is full".
>> (admin_log is a table name)
> If the table is using the NDBCluster storage engine, then there can be several reason
for a "table
> is full" error. For an insert, the most common is that DataMemory or IndexMemory is
95% used (the
> last 5% - by default, see the MinFreePct options
> is reserved for restarts). If you execute SHOW WARNINGS; as the first statement in
the session
> after the error, you will get more information.
>> Increase innodb_file_per_table seems no help.
> innodb_file_per_table is a boolean and only affects how new InnoDB tables (or when
using a copying
> ALTER TABLE) are created. Whether tables are created with their own tablespace or in
the system
> tablespace. innodb_file_per_table will not have any direct influence on whether
InnoDB tables
> become full; that is entirely down to the available disk space, quotas, file system
> and for the system tablespace whether it has been created with a maximum size.
>> My question is "Is there any related parameter can be increased to solve this
problem ?"
> It depends first of all of the kind of cluster you are using.
> Best regards,
> Jesper Krogh
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