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From:Peter Romfeld Date:October 10 2013 3:35am
Subject:Re: circular replication between clusters
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thanks i got it working now :)

On Wed, Oct 9, 2013 at 11:14 PM, Peter Romfeld

> Hi,
> I got so far that when i do "mysql>start slave;" i get:
> Slave_IO_Running: Yes
> Slave_SQL_Running: Yes
> also POS and BINLOGFILE are correct,
> but i got this output only on the node where i executed "start slave"; so
> i tried to start one after another(3 sides)
> but in the end at the 1st where it was working initially, it was failing
> in the end when i did "start slave" at the 3rd
> I am new to this so many thanks for advice!

circular replication between clustersPeter Romfeld9 Oct
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