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Subject:Problem restarting node
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I have an stupid problem with my MySQL cluster. It's version 

I have two nodes and was working perfect. But, I need to change the 
DataMemory value.

SO, i've changed it on the config.ini file, killed the ndb_mgmd daemon 
and restarted with the --reload option.

Then, I've entered to the ndb_mgm tool and tried to restart the second 
node so it gets the new config. But, it don't start with this error:

Time: Friday 24 May 2013 - 15:46:07
Status: Permanent error, external action needed
Message: Invalid configuration received from Management Server 
(Configuration error)
Error: 2350
Error data: Invalid file size for redo logfile,  size only changable 
with --initial
Error object: DBLQH (Line: 15227) 0x00000002
Program: ndbd
Pid: 10960
Version: mysql-5.5.27 ndb-7.2.8
Trace: /var/lib/mysql-cluster/ndb_4_trace.log.9 [t1..t1]

It seems that the redo logfile size has been changed, but I have not 
changed it!

I can't loose my data on the cluster, so I can't restart with --initial 

I don't really know what's happened. There is a way to know whats the 
older value or the value of the node was expecting ?

Any idea ???


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