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From:Ravi Kiran PENTYALA Date:March 14 2013 7:00am
Subject:problem with one of our cluster servers
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We have problem with one of our cluster servers,(501a/b), if 501a is active
, then 501b should be in passive state ,
 if we have any fail over occurs in 501a it should automatically shifts to
501 b , the problem we are facing is their is fail over in 501a server , &
automatically the services  has pointed to 501 b, everything is fine .
But when we are trying to connect to mysql on 501b server it is throwing an
error "Need to change mysql permissions", again on 501b server we are
changing the mysql permissions using chown -R , then we are able to connect
to msql on 501 b server .

My question is this is right way what we are doing (Changing the
permissions independently on both the cluster servers)


 Any other solution to connect to mysql on 501b server without changing the

The MySQL binaries files are stored (under /var/lib/mysql/), (my.cnf) and
the database files (/data01/mysql/my.cnf) .

drdb is mounted to mysql directory (/data01/mysql)..


problem with one of our cluster serversRavi Kiran PENTYALA14 Mar