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From:Raymond Peachey Date:March 1 2013 12:45pm
Subject:MySQL Cluster Connection Pool
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I have a 2 Mgmt nodes, 4 data nodes, and 2 mysql servers. I have configured
the mysql servers to use 30 API node slots each (32 core).

The current limit of 255 total nodes (inclusive of mgmt, data, and api)
seems low. Am I wrong in my thinking, am I missing something here? All of
our load tests that have a concurrency of 60 or below (the sum of the api
nodes) runs fast! However, once we go over 60 concurrency, the performance
suffers exponentially. 60 concurrency seems a bit low.

Assuming you use up all 48 data nodes, 2 management servers, that leaves
you with 205 api nodes, which from my understanding is equivalent to 205
simultaneous connections to the cluster, theoretically. With normal MySQL
server, we've experienced anywhere up to 1000+ connections (during peak
load) on a single machine. So a total of 205 connections seems low for
scaling out in the future.

 Any recommendations/best practices here?

Thank you for any help you can provide!


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