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From:Andrew Morgan Date:February 25 2013 3:48pm
Subject:RE: Configuration for ndbd
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Hi Aitor,

 The first thing to mention is that the config.ini file applies to the Cluster as a whole
- you provide its location when starting the management node (ndb_mgmd) and then the
management node will provide the config information to the rest of the nodes as they join
the cluster. The my.cnf file is specific to an individual mysqld.

 To get your first Cluster started, here are a few resources:

1) Quick start guide: if you
want to get it quickly up and running by hand
2) Blog: to
manually get a cluster running over multiple hosts
3) Auto-installer: to
use a browser-based GUI (not yet GA but a really nice tool)
4) Use MySQL Cluster Manager:
if you want a commercial tools which will help you with the ongoing management of your
Cluster as well as the initial configuration. Available to try for free for 30 days.

Regards, Andrew.

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> From: Aitor Cedres [mailto:zerpetofficial@stripped]
> Sent: 25 February 2013 15:05
> To: MySQL Cluster
> Subject: Configuration for ndbd
> Hi all.
> I am new to MySQL Cluster, and I'm doing a basic installation in some
> VMs with Debian 6 just to test if we actually want to migrate from
> MySQL Server to Cluster. My doubt is related to Data nodes
> configuration. In the installation
> guide<
> configuration.html>
> comes
> an example for */etc/mysql/my.cnf *with this basic directives for Data
> nodes:
> [mysqld]
> > # Options for mysqld process:
> > ndbcluster
> >
> [mysql_cluster]
> > # Options for MySQL Cluster processes:
> > ndb-connectstring=
> Are these directives just enough for a production environment? I know
> *ndbd* reads
> also the configuration from the management node, but I feel like there
> are something missing here (in my.cnf of data node).
> I've been googling for some more directives to add here, but everything
> I found is about adding stuff to *config.ini* in management node. Am I
> missing something? What would you add to a *default* my.cnf in data
> nodes?
> Thanks in advance.
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> *Aitor Pérez*
> Junior Web Developer at *Global Incubator*
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