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From:Aitor Cedres Date:February 25 2013 3:05pm
Subject:Configuration for ndbd
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Hi all.

I am new to MySQL Cluster, and I'm doing a basic installation in some VMs
with Debian 6 just to test if we actually want to migrate from MySQL Server
to Cluster. My doubt is related to Data nodes configuration. In the
an example for */etc/mysql/my.cnf *with this basic directives for Data

> # Options for mysqld process:
> ndbcluster

> # Options for MySQL Cluster processes:
> ndb-connectstring=

Are these directives just enough for a production environment? I know
*ndbd* reads
also the configuration from the management node, but I feel like there are
something missing here (in my.cnf of data node).

I've been googling for some more directives to add here, but everything I
found is about adding stuff to *config.ini* in management node. Am I
missing something? What would you add to a *default* my.cnf in data nodes?

Thanks in advance.

*Aitor Pérez*
Junior Web Developer at *Global Incubator*

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