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From:Mazen Hajri Date:February 9 2013 10:01am
Subject:Problem Scan Operations (Read) in Parallel
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Dear All,


I'm facing a problem when trying to perform NDB read scan operations in
parallel. The execution of the program is aborted, and one of the following
message gets printed:


.         pollCompleted error 0

.         pollCompleted error 2


However, the code is executed correctly when running the scan operations
sequentially (i.e. send/poll for only one operation at a time). I'm using
the async API (batching the send/poll). Any idea what might be the problem
here? I'd really appreciate your help.


Kind regards,
Mazen Abdulaziz


Problem Scan Operations (Read) in ParallelMazen Hajri9 Feb
RE: Problem Scan Operations (Read) in ParallelMazen Hajri18 Feb