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From:Craig L Russell Date:November 28 2012 7:20pm
Subject:Re: Cluster J scalability
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Hi Graeme,

The connect string does point to the management node, which is only  
used to establish the connection. Thereafter, management node doesn't  
do anything active with regard to sessions; the client makes a direct  
tcp connection to each data node in the cluster. All the data traffic  
is between client and data nodes.

Clusterj supports session pooling by changing the connection properties.

Take a look at clusterj Constants and in particular the property  

You can find code examples in clusterj-test



On Nov 28, 2012, at 11:13 AM, Graeme Wallace wrote:

> When we're using JDBC to connect to MySQL cluster - we have to have
> multiple query nodes to spread the load.
> However, ClusterJ is configured by setting up a connect string.  
> Currently I
> have this pointing to my management node. How scaleable does this  
> end up
> being ? ie How much resource is the management node having to  
> provide in
> order for a query/insert/update etc ? Do i need to think about having
> multiple SessionFactory's in my code to connect to different nodes to
> spread the load ?
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