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From:Mauritz Sundell Date:November 12 2012 8:09am
Subject:Re: Occasional Single Very Slow Response
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Hi Dan,

2012-11-11 23:32, Dan Hammer skrev:
> I am working on a development system that uses a MySQL Cluster. There is very little
> activity on this system. Basically just development of a product. It seems that on
> occasion the cluster is very slow to respond and I haven't been able to find a reason for
> this. I have no idea if it is OS, DB or hardware related. Back on Wednesday I attempted to
> access the project and it took just over a minute for the page to respond. I know it is
> somehow connected to the cluster or the machines running on the cluster because another
> page on the same machine using a local database responded immediately. Once the cluster
> responds it runs fine from there. It has worked perfectly until I attempted to access the
> project about 30 minutes ago for the first time today. Again I was looking at a response
> time of about 1 minute. But after the response everything seemed fine.
Have cluster been swapped out by OS?
Since the cluster have been inactive and maybe other processes may have
run the OS may have decided to swap cluster out of memory.
Cluster uses memory for data and should never be swapped out from RAM.
Other memory consuming programs should not be run on the same machine.

Mauritz Sundell

>  Is there any kind of self maintenance the cluster performs when it sits idle that
> may cause this? Is there perhaps a sleep mode with the cluster? Maybe a hardware issue? Or
> network issue?
>  I'd appreciate any help that can be provided.
>  Dan

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