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From:Dan Hammer Date:November 11 2012 10:32pm
Subject:Occasional Single Very Slow Response
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I am working on a development system that uses a MySQL Cluster. There is very little
activity on this system. Basically just development of a product. It seems that on
occasion the cluster is very slow to respond and I haven't been able to find a reason for
this. I have no idea if it is OS, DB or hardware related. Back on Wednesday I attempted to
access the project and it took just over a minute for the page to respond. I know it is
somehow connected to the cluster or the machines running on the cluster because another
page on the same machine using a local database responded immediately. Once the cluster
responds it runs fine from there. It has worked perfectly until I attempted to access the
project about 30 minutes ago for the first time today. Again I was looking at a response
time of about 1 minute. But after the response everything seemed fine.

 Is there any kind of self maintenance the cluster performs when it sits idle that may
cause this? Is there perhaps a sleep mode with the cluster? Maybe a hardware issue? Or
network issue?

 I'd appreciate any help that can be provided.


Occasional Single Very Slow ResponseDan Hammer11 Nov
  • Re: Occasional Single Very Slow ResponseMauritz Sundell12 Nov