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From:umapathi b Date:September 25 2012 4:46pm
Subject:cluster to non cluster replication issues ...
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Hi ,

I recently re-started  one of the data nodes of the production cluster to
which the slave (innodb)  was pointing .
The node re-start almost took 3 hours . There was around 16 GB data in
whole . During this time ofcourse , the slave was lagging behind .
But after the re-start , the master has written two huge binlog files . The
slave was just lagging behind for almost 3 days , executing all the
in these files . This was not happened before like this , though I
re-started the servers in order to free some memory earlier .

Why this is happening ?  I know that the slave has to read all the
statements one by one as the SQL IO is single threaded .
Still , I think there should be some way to avoid this . Could anybody
guide me in this regard so that the slave never falls behind the master .

Waiting for your valuable suggestions,

- Umapathi.

cluster to non cluster replication issues ...umapathi b25 Sep
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