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From:Antonio Modesto Date:July 20 2012 6:44pm
Subject:[OFF-TOPIC] MySQL C API Insertion Doubt
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	I'm writing a C code (using the mysql api) to select specific rows from
a database and insert them in another database in a different host. The
problem is that I didn't find any method to insert a row directly, What
I've noticed so far is that I have to construct a mysql statement
(Insert into bla bla bla..) based on the result of the query, and then
pass it to the mysql_query function to insert the row in the another
database. Is a easier way to do that? Something like
mysql_insert_row(&mysql_handler, row)?

Thanks and sorry for asking it in this list, but I searched a lot on the
web and didn't find anything that could help.


[OFF-TOPIC] MySQL C API Insertion DoubtAntonio Modesto20 Jul
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