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From:Andrew Morgan Date:June 18 2012 2:06pm
Subject:RE: ClusterJ distribution awareness
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Not specific to ClusterJ but for primary key lookups, the NDB API client library hashes
the primary key (or a sub-component of the PK if you tell it to) to see what partition the
data is in - it then sends the operation to the primary data node for that partition.
Clusterj uses the NDB API and so I'd expect the behaviour to be consistent.

More on making your app/schema "distribution aware" can be found at

Regards, Andrew.

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> Subject: ClusterJ distribution awareness
> Hi,
> I am using ClusterJ 7.1.15a to query a cluster of ten nodes. I have
> noticed that the transactions are sent only to three nodes (even though
> the data is evenly spread out on all ten nodes).
> How does clusterj decide the transaction coordinator be default (if no
> hints are given)?  Is it possible to distribute the transactions in a
> round robin fashion (without passing hints for each transaction)?
> Regards,
> Wasif Riaz Malik
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