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From:Tomas Ulin Date:October 8 2004 4:22pm
Subject:Re: ndb_backup?
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echo "start backup" | <mysql_install_path>/bin/ndb_mgm <ndb_mgmd host> 
<ndb_mgmd port>



Chad Martin wrote:

> Tomas Ulin wrote:
>> No documented way.
>> (You may write your own application that does it...  all you need is 
>> in libndbclient, for sample source look in the ndb_mgm source.)
>> What would you like to have?
> I know I would like a way to be able to run a backup as a cron job, so 
> we'd need some command that can be executed from a shell script.  I 
> suspect that's what Jim's looking for, as well.
> Chad Martin
>> Jim Hoadley wrote:
>>> Is there a way to initiate a backup without connecting to ndb_mgmd 
>>> with ndb_mgm and manually running NDB> BACKUP START?

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