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From:Andrew Morgan Date:February 20 2012 1:29pm
Subject:RE: geographic replication
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Hi Klaus,

 MySQL Cluster Geographic replication is based on MySQL asynchronous replication. As well
as handling the complexities of the MySQL Cluster distributed architecture, when using it
between 2 MySQL Cluster deployments it also handles:
 1) Active/Active (sometimes called multi-master) replication
 2) Conflict detection/resolution for active/active (if you change the same piece of data
    in each Cluster at about the same time, Cluster geographic replication will flag
    resolve it

 You can (and many, many people do) run MySQL replication between 2 MySQL Servers for
InnoDB tables, you just need to be more careful to avoid data conflicts. You can take a
look at for an
overview and links to more resources for the various MySQL High Availability options.

Regards, Andrew.

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Subject: geographic replication

Hello list readers,

after reading serveral documentations about replication and MySQL Cluster 7.2 I have a

The document "MySQL_Guide_to_NoSQL_v2.pdf" says on pages 13-14: 

Geographic Replication also enables data to be replicated in real-time to other MySQL
storage engines. A typical use-case is to replicate tables from MySQL Cluster to the
InnoDB storage engine in order to generate complex reports from near real-time data, with
full performance isolation from the live data store.

Does this mean that all data nodes have to use NDB and only an export to InnoDB is
possible or is it also possible to use InnoDB instead of NDB?

In my use case I have two databases located in different cities and both have to be
master. I make massive use of foreign keys so InnoDB is realy important. 

Is the geographic replication provided by MySQL-Cluster 7.2 a solution or do you know an


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