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From:Mat Keep Date:December 21 2011 11:33am
Subject:New: MySQL Cluster 7.2 Evaluation Guide
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Hello MySQL Cluster Community
The Evaluation Guide is a popular resource for those considering testing 
MySQL Cluster as part of new development projects.

With the release of the MySQL Cluster 7.2 Development Milestone, the 
Evaluation Guide has been updated to reflect the latest capabilities in 
the database, including:
- Adaptive Query Localization, delivering 70x higher performance of 
complex queries by pushing JOIN operations down to the data nodes;
- native memcached API for fast Key-Value access and schema/schemaless 
data models;
- integration with the latest MySQL 5.5 server;
- Multi-site clustering, allowing data nodes to be split across a WAN
- Enhanced geographic active/active replication with conflict handling 
pushed down to the cluster, allowing multiple sites to accept write 
operations while maintaining consistency with neighboring clusters
- consolidated user privileges to simplify provisioning and on-going 
- bootstrap support: building a cluster with a single command from MySQL 
Cluster Manager

You can download the Evaluation Guide here (note - opens a pdf):

You can learn more about MySQL Cluster 7.2 here:

If you have any feedback on the Evaluation Guide, or on MySQL Cluster 
7.2, please post to this forum. We'd love to hear your experiences of 
the new Development Release

Thanks for your continued support of MySQL Cluster
Mat Keep
MySQL Product Management

New: MySQL Cluster 7.2 Evaluation GuideMat Keep21 Dec