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From:Tomas Ulin Date:October 8 2004 9:45am
Subject:Re: Faster Performance/4.1.6 Bugs
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I'm glad to hear that our efforts give results.  Will look into the 
"show tables bug" today.  Can you provide an easily reproducable example.

As for performance tuning:


With inserts:

insert ... (a)(b)(c)(d)

is probably about 4 times as fast as:

insert .. (a)
insert .. (b)
insert .. (c)
insert .. (d)


This has to do with the way communication can be batched towards the 
ndbd nodes.  We're working on more constructions that will enable more 
batched processing which will dramatically increase performance. The 
changes that involve more dramatic changes in the server to support 
batching will be in 5.x, otherwise we hope that every new 4.1.x the will 
result in performance jumps).

Jason J. W. Williams wrote:

> Hello all,
>    Slight update. Changing from 4.1.5-gamma MySQL-Max pre-built 
> binaries to 4.1.6 MySQL (20041006 nightly build) compiled from source, 
> cut our query times by 50-75%. It's still a little slower than InnoDB, 
> but the delay is acceptable. A wierd 4.1.6 bug is that when you list 
> the tables for a database, MySQL ALWAYS shows the NDB tables you've 
> created, even if you created the tables in a different database. 
> Also, MySQL lists a non-existent table in every database for every 
> field of every actual NDB table (they're named things like 
> "NDB$BLOB_4_0"). Any further performance tuning suggestions are 
> appreciated.
> Best Regards,
> Jason
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