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From:Andrew Morgan Date:July 19 2011 10:02am
Subject:RE: MySQL Cluster and prefix indexes
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Hi Paul,


I've now been pointed to the non-support statement..


Unfortunately, adding a prefix index is reported as being successful L


Adding prefix index support is not currently on the MySQL Cluster roadmap.


Regards, Andrew.



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Subject: RE: MySQL Cluster and prefix indexes


Hi Paul - where have you seen that prefix indexes aren't supported in MySQL
Cluster? I've just added one to a Cluster table and it was accepted.


Regards, Andrew.



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MySQL Cluster and prefix indexes


Tue, 19 Jul 2011 17:06:57 +1000


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I do realise that MySQL Cluster does not support prefix indexes and am
working on a couple of different workarounds for my current project.
My current project is attempting to get the Joomla! database working in a
MySQL Cluster environment.  I am able to get this working, but modifying
several of the text datatype columns to be varchar(xxx) datatype columns.
However, Joomla! also places prefix indexes on these text datatype columns,
obviously to reduce the size of the index and improve performance, etc, etc.
The workarounds to keep this functionality and performance are getting quite
complicated and are therefore impacting performance and maintainability.
I was wondering if there are any plans to add the prefix index functionality
to MySQL Cluster at all?
If so, what sort of time frame is there on this?
Paul Macdonnell

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