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From:Andrew Morgan Date:July 19 2011 9:42am
Subject:RE: mysql cluster partition
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Here’s a good place to start for information on how MySQL Cluster
partitions its tables….


In general, you don’t need to specify the number of partitions, MySQL
Cluster will automatically create the correct number based on the number of
data nodes you have.


Regards, Andrew.



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mysql cluster partition


Tue, 19 Jul 2011 11:56:37 +0800


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I know the default partition of mysql cluster is by primary key,but where
can I know the detail of the partition procedure?
Fox example I have 8 data node ,I set the number of partition number as 8
too,so will it partitions the whole data to 8 parts
and distributing them on 8 node uniformly?
If I don't set the partitions number explicitly,what is the default number
of the partitions number?

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