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From:Mat Keep Date:July 12 2011 8:56am
Subject:Splitting Data Nodes over a WAN - Best Practices
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Hi All
I am hearing of more and more MySQL Cluster users who are splitting 
their data nodes across a WAN connection. While not recommended, it is 
clearly something users are doing to fulfill specific deployment 

I would be interested in understanding from those that have done this 
what the characteristics of their WAN connections are, so we can look at 
recommending some best practices.

So, the specific questions would be:
- latency between sites
- distance between sites and general bandwidth of connection

Bonus points for answering the following:
- quota for cluster on the bandwidth?
- frequency and duration of latency spikes
- other stuff, ie utilization and availability of the link

Can anyone from the community share best practices ?


Mat Keep
MySQL Cluster&  HA Programs
Oracle Corp.
+44 (0)7765 898-605

Splitting Data Nodes over a WAN - Best PracticesMat Keep12 Jul