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From:Don Smith Date:June 17 2004 5:59pm
Subject:RE: MySQL 4.1 Cluster on Solaris
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Yes, I'd like to know if anyone has successfully installed a cluster on

I know I haven't been able to. :)

Don Smith

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Subject: MySQL 4.1 Cluster on Solaris



The comments provided by Tomas are very useful but the big question is
if the present state of the source for MySQL 4.1.X supports the cluster
functionality on Sun SPARC Solaris 8.


Progress so far in my case:

1. Downloaded MySQL 4.1.x with BitKeeper - according to
include/mysql_version.h I got MYSQL_SERVER_VERSION

2. Installed some GNU libraries and tools that are required for the
build according to the list in
pick>  to MySQL Cluster for MySQL Users

3. Modified BUILD/compile-solaris-sparc and added --with-ndbcluster to
the configure command

4. Compiled using gcc 2.95.3. Several trivial updates to different
source files were required to get the build completed

5. Installed in /usr/local/mysql

6. Tried in the mysql/mysql-test: ./mysql-test-run  --with-ndbcluster.
Again several trivial fixes were needed to get the scripts working. The
provided scripts setup the nodes as Little endian which indicates that
they were only tested on Linux Intel. SPARC is Big endian.

7. Ndb manager starts but ndbd dumps core with BusError. I think I give
up for the moment :-(





./mysql-test-run  --with-ndbcluster

Installing Test Databases

Removing Stale Files

Installing Master Databases

running  ../libexec/mysqld --no-defaults --bootstrap --skip-grant-tables
--basedir=.. --datadir=mysql-test/var/master-data --skip-innodb
--skip-ndbcluster --skip-bdb     

Installing Slave Databases

running  ../libexec/mysqld --no-defaults --bootstrap --skip-grant-tables
--basedir=.. --datadir=mysql-test/var/slave-data --skip-innodb
--skip-ndbcluster --skip-bdb     

Starting ndbcluster

-- NDB Cluster -- Management Client --

Connecting to Management Server: localhost:2200

Cluster Configuration


2 NDB Node(s)

DB node:        2  (not connected) 

DB node:        3  (not connected) 


4 API Node(s)

API node:       11  (not connected) 

API node:       12  (not connected) 

API node:       13  (not connected) 

API node:       14  (not connected) 


1 MGM Node(s)

MGM node:       1  (Version: 3.5.0)


waitNodeState(STARTED, -1) timeout after 121 attemps

Ndbcluster startup failed

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