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From:Geert Vanderkelen Date:February 18 2011 1:20pm
Subject:Re: Performance issue
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Hello Peter,

On 2/18/2011 12:38 PM, Peter Sørensen wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a cluster with 2 API/SQL nodes and 1 managernode. Version used is 5.1 (7.09
> Ubuntu).
> The data nodes have 16G Memory

You don't say how much data nodes, and how much physical machines you 
run this setup on. From what I can tell: 2 machines for data nodes, 2 
for API/SQL/MGM nodes, so at least 4 machines?

Also, MySQL 5.1 should not be use for MySQL Cluster. You should use 
MySQL Cluster 7.1, and our binaries/source.

> Among other things I use this  as a service backend for my mailscanner gateways.
> They use spamassassin MySQL based. This I have implemented as a NDBCLUSTER DB but
> I have terrible performance problems using this.
> The estimates size of the DB is around 4G. The table I query has around 25 Million
> records.
> So should I go back and use InnoDb for this as I did in my prior setup or do anybody
> have some tuning recommendations.

Yes, it might be good to go back to InnoDB if the application isn't 
written for MySQL Cluster. Maybe you can check if every query is using 
an index for starters, and limit the use of joins (although with 1 table 
that might hard :-)).
I'm not sure you would need HA like MySQL Cluster provides for 
spamassassin data, which might just be good enough using MySQL 
Replication. Just an idea.



Geert Vanderkelen
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