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From:Diego Martínez Date:February 8 2011 10:36am
Subject:Re: Hibernate - locking tables
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Thanks for your response. My question are what happens when several threads
update the same tables. For example, if I have a web service application
where multiple threads are updating the product table and no exist table
locking, the result would be completely unexpected. Each thread would update
the same table, but in a different node?. What would be the end result?.

Best regards, Diego Martínez

El 7 de febrero de 2011 12:52, Wagner Bianchi

> Hi Martinez,
> I understand the unique and efficient way to lock tables on MySQL Cluster
> as expected, but, using only one SQL NODE. You'll LOCK TABLE t1 TO WRITE on
> SQL NODE 1, but your application will can access the same table through the
> SQL NODE 2 and write to that table.
> Let us know more about your project and perhaps we can help you.
> Best regards.
> --
> Wagner Bianchi
> 2011/2/7 Diego Martínez <tabarem@stripped>
> Hi,
>> Members of the list have experience using MySQL Cluster through Hibernate?
>> I
>> am worried, because I understand that MySQL Cluster does not support
>> locking
>> tables for example.
>> Do you know design patterns to use this new engine?
>> Best regards, Diego Martínez

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