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From:Andrew Morgan Date:December 20 2010 8:49am
Subject:RE: What version to use
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Hi Peter,

 The matrix/rules for on-line upgrades between rules can be found at
- 7.1.9a hasn't been added yet but there should be no issues upgrading from 7.0.9 to

Regards, Andrew.

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To: Geert Vanderkelen
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Subject: RE: What version to use

Thanks Geert,

What you suggest is to use the generic linux version currently 7.1.9a
I have setup my cluster on ubuntu 10.04 using the package supplied
By them, which is based on 7.09

Should I do a complete reinstall with this or would it be possible to upgrade
My existing 7.09 using this generic ?

Best regard


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Emne: Re: What version to use

Hi Peter,

On Dec 17, 2010, at 13:01 , Peter Sørensen wrote:

> Hi,
> I am a little uncertain on what version to use. I'm currently using 7.09 but when I
> google around it seems
> that the versions after 7.1 and forward require a commercial license. Is that the
> case?
> Or can I stick with the open source version.

MySQL Cluster is released under the GPL, you can use it, respecting the license of course
v7.1 is the way to go yes. Don't wait on Linux distributions to catch up.



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