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From:Johan Andersson Date:December 1 2010 6:56am
Subject:Re: Question concerning ndbd --initial
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Here is the procedure in the ref manual for  what you want to do:

Some config changes (redo log, datadir) requires that you restart the data node with

If you run the --initial on one data node at the time you are safe, it will only clears
its local filesystem to recreate redo log files e.g

if you run --initial on all data nodes at the same time, you will clear the data.


1 dec 2010 kl. 07.26 skrev Peter Sørensen:

> Hi,
> I have found the following procedure to handle a change in the cluster configuration
> file:
> -------------------------------------------------------
> 5 How To Restart The Cluster
> Now let's asume you want to restart the MySQL cluster, for example because you have
> changed /etc/mysql/ndb_mgmd.cnf on or for some other reason. To do this,
> you use the ndb_mgm cluster management client on
> # ndb_mgm
> On the ndb_mgm console, you type shutdown; 
> You will then see something like this:
> ndb_mgm> shutdown;
> Node 3: Cluster shutdown initiated
> Node 2: Node shutdown completed.
> 2 NDB Cluster node(s) have shutdown.
> NDB Cluster management server shutdown.
> ndb_mgm>
> This means that the cluster data nodes and and also the
> cluster management server have shut down.
> Type quit;
> to leave the ndb_mgm console. 
> To start the cluster management server, do this on
> # rm /usr/mysql-cluster/ndb_1_config.bin.1 (nessacary to remove the cached config
> file)
> # service mysql-ndb-mgm start
> and on and you can run
> / 
> ndbd
> or, if you have changed /etc/mysql/ndb_mgmd.cnf on
> ndbd --initial
> Afterwards, you can check on if the cluster has restarted:
> # ndb_mgm
> On the ndb_mgm console, type 
> show;
> to see the current status of the cluster. It might take a few seconds after a restart
> until all nodes are reported as connected. 
> Type quit;
> to leave the ndb_mgm console.  
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> I am uncertain on the ndbd --initial . Won't that reset all my clustered data ??
> Regards
> Peter Sørensen/Univ. of Southern Denmark/email: maspsr@stripped
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