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From:Andrew Morgan Date:November 30 2010 1:16pm
Subject:Re: Question concerning ndbd --initial
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Hi Peter,

 You are correct that using --initial for the data nodes would wipe out your data.

 You should restart the ndb_mgmd with --initial but not the data nodes. You can also avoid
shutting the whole cluster down if you want to. Restart the ndb_mgmd and when it is back
up, restart each of the data nodes in turn (wait for one to finish redrafting before
moving on to the next).


On 30 Nov 2010, at 12:55, Peter Sørensen <maspsr@stripped> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have found the following procedure to handle a change in the cluster configuration
> file:
> -------------------------------------------------------
> 5 How To Restart The Cluster
> Now let's asume you want to restart the MySQL cluster, for example because you have
> changed /etc/mysql/ndb_mgmd.cnf on or for some other reason. To do this,
> you use the ndb_mgm cluster management client on
> # ndb_mgm
> On the ndb_mgm console, you type shutdown; 
> You will then see something like this:
> ndb_mgm> shutdown;
> Node 3: Cluster shutdown initiated
> Node 2: Node shutdown completed.
> 2 NDB Cluster node(s) have shutdown.
> NDB Cluster management server shutdown.
> ndb_mgm>
> This means that the cluster data nodes and and also the
> cluster management server have shut down.
> Type quit;
> to leave the ndb_mgm console. 
> To start the cluster management server, do this on
> # rm /usr/mysql-cluster/ndb_1_config.bin.1 (nessacary to remove the cached config
> file)
> # service mysql-ndb-mgm start
> and on and you can run
> / 
> ndbd
> or, if you have changed /etc/mysql/ndb_mgmd.cnf on
> ndbd --initial
> Afterwards, you can check on if the cluster has restarted:
> # ndb_mgm
> On the ndb_mgm console, type 
> show;
> to see the current status of the cluster. It might take a few seconds after a restart
> until all nodes are reported as connected. 
> Type quit;
> to leave the ndb_mgm console.  
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> I am uncertain on the ndbd --initial . Won't that reset all my clustered data ??
> Regards
> Peter Sørensen/Univ. of Southern Denmark/email: maspsr@stripped
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