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From:Stewart Smith Date:November 1 2010 12:15pm
Subject:Re: Very Slow Insert Performance
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On Tue, 05 Oct 2010 03:00:32 +0700, Reza Iskandar Achmad <reza@stripped>
> We're performing a database import from standalone MySQL to Cluster. The
> import procedure is using dump file. The problem is insert is very slow,
> takes ages to finish.
> Our Cluster is in Gigabit Network, RAID 5 disks, nbdmtd. How can I
> investigate and find the solution for this situation?

Insert in parallel. A mysqldump is just going to be executed as a single
thread doing one insert after the other.

maatkit has parallel dump and restore for SQL.

you will have to make sure your cluster is configured to be able to take
the write load too.

Stewart Smith
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