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From:Mikael Ronstrošm Date:October 22 2010 8:09am
Subject:Re: MYSql Cluster with Redhat Clustering/GFS
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laehr mistry skrev 2010-10-22 09.32:
> Hello All
> I need some advise on mysql clustering with red hat clustering
> I have 4-Mysqld nodes, 4-data nodes and 2-management servers. Can I have
> them on a Redhat Cluster/GFS?

You could, but what would be the point, the MySQL Cluster software takes
care of replication, redundancy and so forth. So having this in the
file system layer as well is two layers of replication.

If your idea is to use GFS as a networked file system then you must
remember that you're making the MySQL Cluster installation dependent
on GFS being up. This means that you're availability decreases since
you now will fail because either GFS fails or MySQL Cluster fails.

> Is it a good idea or would there be conflicts in terms of quorum and
> instances. what is recommended and why?

There is no recommendation to do this, I am sure it will work
most of the time, but there will be lots of interesting things
happening when crashes occur impacting GFS and MySQL Cluster.
No idea of how this will play out.

Rgrds Mikael

> Thanks and Regards
> Laehr
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