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From:Andrew Morgan Date:July 16 2010 8:39am
Subject:RE: Active Active Cluster
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Hi Erez,

 Active-active replication is available and is in use.

 The main think to bear in mind is that there is some effort required on your part if you
want MySQL Cluster to handle the conflict detection or resolution (conflict=the same row
being updated on both sites at about the same time). For example, you'd need to include an
integer timestamp column in each of the tables where conflicts need to be handled and
maintain that at the application layer. There are also some limitations on its use (for
example, if using conflict resolution it backs out the change to the row where the
conflict occurs but not the rest of the transaction).

 This post walks through setting up active-active (multi-master) replication between 2
MySQL Cluster deployments...
Note that it doesn't explain how to use the conflict detection/resolution - for that,
refer to 

 Known limitations of MySQL Cluster replication are documented at 

Regards, Andrew.


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> Hello
> i have heard on many issued for the bad and good , about active active,
> and as I'm designing a new project, would like to know if the latest
> version
> of mysql support active active cluster fully,
> and that there are no know issues?
> is it difficult to maintain such a platform?
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