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From:Mat Keep Date:July 13 2010 6:33am
Subject:Re: push down join
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Hi Aaron
thanks for your interest in MySQL Cluster

The push-down-join project is making great progress, and we have already 
received some really good feedback from the community. 

We are working to release this functionality during the course of 
Oracle's Fiscal Year 2011, ending May 31st 2011 - we can't be any more 
specific on dates.  As ever, usual disclaimers apply, ie dates and plans 
can change without notice

There is a good overview of getting started with the project on Andrew 
Morgan's blog:

We are also keen to receive feedback from real world testing, i.e.
    * Does what we have right now improve performance for you?
    * Are there other types of JOINs we should support in order to 
improve performance in you application (currently only eq_ref is supported)?
    * What application are you using?

You can send feedback via the following list: spj-feedback@stripped


Aaron Boxer wrote:
> Hello!
> I am looking into MySQL cluster solution for my company. Our
> application is currently using SQL Server,
> database is order 100 GB magnitude, and certain queries are timing out
> the client. The SQL server is set up for mirroring with a witness
> server, so we have failover, but no load balancing.
> I would really like to use MySQL cluster, only concern is that certain
> queries on our server require quite a few joins. We are completing
> development in the fall, and rolling out next year in spring. Can
> anyone give me a ballpark estimate of when push down join might be
> released? I am going to experiment with MySQL cluster anyways, but it
> would be nice to know when the join optimizations will be available
> for production.
> Thanks!
> Aaron


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