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From:Jeffrey Rogiers Date:March 24 2010 4:41pm
Subject:Data Nodes using different hardware
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I am currently in the process of planning a big upgrade from a very old
mysql cluster to the latest release, we are also attempting to do so with no

In order to do this we are starting the new cluster with a temporary pivot
data node, which is not as powerful. We will then migrating the data nodes
from our current cluster to the new one, eventually replacing the pivot node
that is in place.

My only concern with this is the hardware differences. I am curious if any
conflicts, or substantial performance degradation should be expected.
Another thing to note, is that our current data nodes do not support
multiple cores, and we are now moving to a version that does support
multiple cores.

So I am curious if using a pivot node with 2 cores would affect the addition
of our more powerful quad core data nodes.

Jeffrey Rogiers

Data Nodes using different hardwareJeffrey Rogiers24 Mar
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