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From:Stewart Smith Date:March 3 2010 12:35am
Subject:Re: How MySQL Cluster process query?
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On Mon, 1 Mar 2010 10:46:01 +0530, Krunal Patel <krunalpatel.ce@stripped> wrote:
> I am new to MySQL cluster.
> I would like to know how exact query is being executed in MySQL Cluster.
> What's the flow of query execution considering SQL node & Data node?
> Thanks in Advance!!

Sounds like you wanted to be in a talk Monty and I gave back in 2008:

No idea if there's a recording of that around...

but anyway...

It's not that hard to work out. A simple EXPLAIN on the query will give
you a decent idea of what's being executed.

the NDB API is in terms of scans and lookups. These pretty much go
directly to the data nodes (there is some prefetching of batches of rows
so it's not just one at a time for scans).

If you look at some of the docs/talks on NDB, you may get a better idea
for how some things work too.

Stewart Smith
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