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From:Jon Stephens Date:February 23 2010 7:50am
Subject:Re: Trouble with setting binding address for mysqld process
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chrisc313 wrote:
> I am trying to emulate on a single pc a multiple machine set up that we have
> put in place as a development resource for the cluster that we are building,
> v7.0.9. The cluster itself has a private lan on which to do the cluster
> synch operations as well as another lan that allows for other management
> tasks.
> When I emulate the set up on a single machine I have a very std 1
> management, 2 data node, 1 single sql api node setup. 
> The problem that I have is that I am trying to get the sql api node to
> connect using a particular NIC address (the single machine has several
> virtual ip addresses) using the --defaults-file option when starting the
> mysqld process ie something like mysqld_safe --defaults-file=/path/to/my.cnf
> & and the my.cnf file has a corresponding bind-address in the file. It
> appears that the default file is ignored and an address is randomly grabbed
> and used for connection. If I try another approach of specifying all
> parameters on the command line, eg mysqld_safe
> --bind-address= --ndb-connectstring &, 

This is what you actually used to start the mysqld?

--ndb-connectstring requires the IP address or hostname of the 
management server. You also need --ndbcluster to enable NDB support.


mysqld_safe --ndbcluster --ndb-connectstring= &

Try that first (substituting the correct address for the management 
server), make sure it works, then try restarting the mysqld with the 
same options plus the --bind-address option.



this too appears to be
> ignored and I get error messages about 'Federated' plugin disabled, InnoDB
> started ......
> Can anyone confirm how to use default file or command line parameters with
> mysqld - a basic question I know but any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Chris


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