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From:Devananda Date:September 27 2004 5:34pm
Subject:Re: replication question
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Mikael Ronström wrote:

> MySQL replication can be used with MySQL Cluster if all updates are 
> performed
> from one MySQL server in the Master. Since MySQL replication is 
> replicating
> SQL statements it is not possible to create the correct order of 
> events on the
> slave side if several MySQL servers simultaneously updates the same data.
> It is possible also to use MySQL replication for MySQL Cluster with 
> several MySQL
> servers if each server replicates disjunct parts. 

If I had a cluster of, say, 4 DB nodes (NoOfReplicas=2) then this would 
mean that to replicate, I would need another 4 DB nodes, each configured 
to replicate from a single one of the primary group, right? If so, 
that's perfect for what we would want. We currently use bidirectional 
replication with innodb tables (M<=>M) but only send updates to one of 
the masters at any given time. This makes fail over very easy. Would a 
similar setup be possible with a cluster?

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