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From:Tomas Ulin Date:September 25 2004 5:34pm
Subject:Re: nightly crashing
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We have located the memory leak which probably caused your problems.

This fix (together with some other) is now going through internal 
testing and will be available once this is done.



Jim Hoadley wrote:

>I'm attaching a file showing free memory statistics on EDSEL. The file
>begins when the NDB and API nodes are started and continues past where 
>the NDB node crashes (after about 13 hours).
>I should mention that for testing I'm using a single table in the
>MySQL test database with only 6 records. So this is a tiny, tiny database.
>Also I should mention that on another machine I'm running a loop in bash
>that connects with 7 clients and asks "SELECT * FROM ...", sleeps 1 second
>and repeats.
>-- Jim Hoadley
>   Sr Software Eng
>   Dealer Fusion Inc.
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