I have a basic 2-node NDB cluster setup running 5.1.34-ndb-7.0.6-cluster-gpl-log. The cluster is setup with 2 data nodes, 2 mgmt nodes, and 2 API nodes. 

We are working to migrate a user application using the C-API (v14.7 distribution 4.1.12) from using a MySQL server version 5.0.40-enterprise to using the cluster, however, the user is reporting problems with their application when the storage engine is changed to NDB. The application is reported to work properly when connected to the clusters API nodes using MyISAM tables. 

The table causing problems is: 
`shot` int(11) DEFAULT NULL, 
`status` int(11) DEFAULT NULL, 
`job` varchar(256) DEFAULT NULL, 
`node` varchar(10) DEFAULT NULL, 
`sdb` blob 

I'm aware that the lack of indexes will affect performance, however, the goal at this point is to get their application running. 

Is there anything that would cause select queries on this table to be returned in any way different than they would with the same queries on a MyISAM version of the table? 

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